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A Guide to Unoccupied Property Insurance 

As a landlord, you’re almost certainly going to have unoccupied property at one point or another. It might be due to the fact that the property is newly acquired and needs to be renovated or it could be that a tenant has left unexpectedly. Whatever the case, when your property is left unoccupied for an extended period of time, the risk of vandalism and theft increase greatly. Therefore it’s essential to protect it with a good insurance policy.

Types of Cover Available

  • Building Insurance – Building insurance is vital for any type of property but especially so when it’s unoccupied. A broken water pipe or small fire can easily turn into disasters when there’s no one around and often results in total damage. Having building insurance in place will fully compensate you in such a scenario.
  • Vandalism & Theft – Vandalism and theft are two of the biggest risks that are present with unoccupied property so it’s vital to have protection against them.
  • Contents Cover- It’s very unwise to leave valuable contents in unoccupied property but if for whatever reason you cannot remove them, contents cover is a must.
  • Public Liability Insurance – If a member of public were to be injured or killed as a result of one of your properties being unsafe then you could easily find yourself facing a liability claim. This is why it’s always important for any property owner to have a good level of public liability insurance.

Factors That Affect Price

  • Property Location – The location of your property will certainly affect the cost your your policy. High crime areas will of course mean higher premiums.
  • Security of the Property – Making your property secure through the use of locks, alarms and CCTV is a must. It will greatly reduce the likelihood of theft and vandalism, which in turn means you’re less likely to make a claim and therefore you’ll be offered a lower price for your policy.
  • Number of Properties – The number of properties you need to insure will be another factor that impacts the price of your policy. For example if you need to insure multiple apartments in a block of flats then it will usually cost more compared to a single property.

Get Quotes Easily

Getting multiple quotes is one of the best ways to save money on unoccupied property insurance and the good news is that it’s now very easy to do. All you have to do to get multiple quotes from a panel of unoccupied property insurance specialists is provide a bit of information about your property and the level of cover you want. You can them compare the quotes you’re given and pick the policy that’s right for you. Click the red button below to get started!
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