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A Guide to Motorhome Insurance

When you own a motorhome, just like any other road user, you’re obligated to have a minimum level of cover in place so you can drive legally. The good news is that find insurance at a reasonable rate is now easier than ever due to the number of online motorhome insurance providers. Before obtaining your free quotes, it’s first a good idea to think about the level of cover that you want to get. This way you can be confident about which options you need and which you don’t

Types of Cover Available

  • Third Party Only – Third party only is the lowest level of cover you can get whilst still being able to drive legally. It only provides cover for third parties when you’re involved in a collision that you’re liable for. This is only recommended when you’re on a tight budget as it doesn’t provide a great deal of protection for you.
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft – The same as third party cover except fire damage and theft are also covered. Whilst providing no extra protection for collisions, this cover option does give you extra peace of mind.
  • Comprehensive – Comprehensive cover is always recommended for motorhome owners. It will provide cover for all types of collisions, whether you’re to blame or not.
  • Breakdown Assistance – If you don’t already have breakdown assistance from a third party provider such as The AA, most insurance providers will be able to offer this as an additional level of cover for a very reasonable price.
  • European Cover – European Cover is necessary if you’re planning to take your motorhome out of the country. When travelling in foreign countries, it’s always good to know that you’re properly protected in the case of any accidents or breakdowns.

Ways to Save Money

When taking out motorhome insurance, it’s always useful to know way that you can save money. Below are some very reliable ways to cut down on cost –

  • Secure your Motorhome – Making your motorhome secure will decrease the likelihood of it being broken into. Insurance providers will always take this into account when calculating the cost of a policy.
  • Park Safely – Parking your motorhome securely is another way to reduce the chance of theft. Ideally you’ll have a securely locked garage to keep it in.
  • Pay Annually – If you can afford to pay for your policy upfront rather than on a monthly basis then this can go a long way to reducing the overall cost.  
  • Shop Around – You should always ensure you get as many quotes as possible since they can vary a lot form one insurance provider to the next.

Get Quotes from a Panel of Specialists

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