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A Guide to Landlord Insurance 

When letting property, it’s your responsibility to ensure that it’s well maintained and covered for any potential risks. This is where landlord insurance comes in. Landlord insurance will cover you for structural damage, vandalism, theft and liability claims. Landlord insurance is typically highly tailored towards your particular needs. For example you might have multiple properties that you want to insure on one policy. There are many excellent providers of landlord insurance so you’ll have no trouble getting a policy at a good price.

Types of Cover

  • Building Insurance – Building insurance is a legal obligation for any property owner. It will cover your property for any structural damage that might occur as a result of fire, flooding or extreme weather conditions.
  • Contents Insurance – If you let property that is furnished, then content insurance is a very good cover option to have included in your policy. It will cover your contents for theft or damage. Malicious damage isn’t always covered so you should clarify this at the beginning with your insurance provider.
  • Vandalism – Vandalism is a very real threat for property owners, especially when the property is left unoccupied for extended periods so having vandalism included in your policy is a very wise decision.
  • Public Liability – If a member of public were to become injured as a result of your property being unsafe, for example from a falling tile, then you could find yourself facing a liability claim. Public liability insurance is therefore a must for landlords.
  • Loss of Rent – If you have trouble obtaining rent from a tenant, then loss of rent will compensate you until you’re able to resolve the matter. This is a very useful type of cover to get.
  • Unoccupied Property Insurance – Every landlord will have property that’s unoccupied at some time. This could be because of renovations or because a tenant leaves unexpectedly. Whatever the case, unoccupied property insurance will cover your property for risk such as theft, vandalism and squatting.

Factors That Affect Price

  • Property Location
  • Security of the Property 
  • Number of Properties Being Covered

Saving Money

Below are some excellent ways to save money on landlord insurance –

  • Secure Your Property 
  • Pay Annually 
  • Get Multiple Quotes 

Get Your Quotes Now 

Getting multiple quotes is one of the best ways to save money on landlord insurance. The good news is that getting multiple quotes is now easier than ever. Whilst at one time you would have had to call different insurance providers separately and negotiate on price, now you can get as many quotes as you need all from one place. When you click the red button below you’ll be taken to the quote form page. After providing some information about your property and cover options, you’ll then have access to quotes form the panel.

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